My Name is Ahsan Bilal, and I’m the operations manager at IZOC Solutions. My journey with IZOC Solutions started in early 2018. Joining this incredible company was a turning point for me. I vividly remember the day when CEO Mr. Saad Sohail interviewed me and gave me the opportunity to join. Back then, I didn’t have much knowledge about e-commerce, but my eagerness and determination to succeed in this industry were sky-high.

To be honest, it wasn’t easy. Achieving something significant requires pushing yourself hard. My goal in this organization was not only to grow the company but also to grow personally. Initially, my communication skills were basic, and I didn’t know how to speak in front of clients. However, with the guidance of the right leaders and the motivation they provided, I underwent a transformative journey, improving day by day. Working night shifts was challenging, especially coordinating with clients in different time zones and maintaining 100% accuracy. In 2020 I was promoted to Supervisor. To achieve this, I trained myself to be the best candidate for the position. The good news? I got the promotion! At IZOC Solutions, they notice your hard work, and if you give your best, you won’t be ignored. It’s a place where hard work truly pays off.

From there, I progressed to become a senior supervisor, then assistant manager, and now I can proudly say the Operations Manager. Each step has been a learning experience, and I’m excited to continue growing alongside my colleagues in the upcoming years.

I strongly believe that with patience, consistency, and unwavering dedication, anyone can conquer challenges and enjoy the rewards of hard work. At IZOC Solutions, we believe in each other’s growth, and I’m here to contribute to making our future even better!

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