So, my journey started with IZOC Solutions back in 2011 but, it has more to it than just that. It has been a wild ride as we had to go through some bumpy paths to reach where I am today. I started working for the company when I had zero concepts of e-commerce and its related aspects. I worked for the company for 3 years and they not only groomed me but also gave me an amazing opportunity to find my identity. I still remember working with Mr. Junaid and calling him on Skype where he used to teach me several concepts of making a website or even a tiny detail related to my work. But happiness does not always last long, and I had to quit this job in 2014 due to some personal issues. But the relationship continued, and I was back in the game in 2017. Between these 3 years that I worked in other organizations, I used to seek a platform where I could grow not as an employee but as a person as well. But that void was only filled by IZOC Solutions. When I reached out to the CEO for recruiting me back, he welcomed me with open arms and took me back as a generous person. By then, within three years, lots of concepts in the field were optimized and innovated and it felt very difficult to fit in. I was always welcomed by amazing people and loving members of my company just like a family. A person is bound to self-doubt and in 2020, I started having doubts related to my career. But IZOC Solutions didn’t let me fall at all. They groomed me into a person that was promoted from a supervisor to senior supervisor and then from assistant manager to operational manager in just a minimal time. This gave me the confidence and energy to play like a team and protect my people no matter what. In this continuous struggle of mine, I had multiple offers from different companies to join them as they bribed me into offering better positions, but it never felt right. All in all, the only thought in my mind was that you cannot betray your family. Yes, IZOC Solutions is like a family to me as they were there for me in all my ups and downs. I rejected all the offers as I have a vision of “the captain going down with the ship”. As a team, we will overcome every hardship every step of the way and will manage to shine as we always have. I would like to add some honorable mentions, such as Babar, Zeeshan Afzal, and Humayun, who have continuously supported me at every step of the way.  The message that I would like to deliver with my story is that we always stand firm if we are a team and it works both ways. A manager can never have success if he does not groom his employees and employees can never be successful if they won’t be honest to their superiors. It is important that we keep unity in our blood.

Success Stories

Nadeem Sarwar (General Manager)

My Name is Nadeem Sarwar and I’m one of the the General Managers at IZOC Solutions. My journey with IZOC Solutions started In December 2014, Joining this esteemed company marked a pivotal moment...